Celebrating Longevity and Beauty!

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On Friday, December 22nd, Mary M. celebrated her 105th birthday alongside her loving family and neighboring residents at Cortlandt Healthcare. Mary was born in 1912. It was a year of many significant events including that of Woodrow Wilson being elected as president, Arizona becoming the 48th state in the U.S., the Republic of China being founded, and the Titanic making its fateful voyage. Mary has lived through many incredible historical events and has even secured newspaper clippings from some of the most memorable. It seems an amazing feat, but Mary knows a great deal about longevity; her parents and older brother both lived to be over 100 years old!

Mary was born and raised in Ossining, New York. In fact, she was an Ossining resident living without assistance in her own home until the age of 99! When her husband, Harvey, passed away, she moved to Cortlandt Healthcare to remain active and social. It is at Cortlandt Healthcare that she enjoys sitting in the hallway greeting residents and visitors. She looks forward to attending the daily events and especially enjoys activities with music.

In her younger years, Mary was a homemaker with a love of cooking. She would often be found in her kitchen making her favorite Italian dishes and desserts. She enjoyed reading; Reader’s Digest was one of her favorites. She never missed 60 minutes and couldn’t pass up an episode of “Golden Girls.”

It is Mary’s family that is her greatest accomplishment. Mary is the mother of one daughter, Marlene, Grandmother of two, Gregory and Jillian, and great-grandmother of five: Lorenzo, Katya, Angelo, Myles and Brooks. Mary is not a big fan of the question, “What is the secret to your longevity?” because she just doesn’t have an answer. If you ask her daughter she does have an inkling…Mary never wants to miss a family milestone and wills herself to wake up each day to hear about her great-grandchildren and their latest achievements. We wish you many more years of happiness and beauty in life, Mary. Happy Birthday from your Cortlandt family!