“I would definitely recommend anyone to come here if they need therapy.” – M. Edwards

“Physical therapy went very well. My therapist, Bob, is my buddy. He did beautifully and he helped me out so much. Nursing has been very good, and they always helped me out. Everything went perfect and I am very happy.” – Louis S.

“I am proud to have served as the MDS Coordinator at Cortlandt Healthcare for almost 5 years in the making! Together, with our team, we pride ourselves with helping our residents and families by providing them with the highest level of quality care and a place at which they can call their home!” – Beatriz R.

“Overall, my experience was excellent! I like it here, it has been so pleasant! The nurses and aides treat me very well. I love therapy; they are so good to me! They help me achieve all my goals and there is no slacking off there – trust me I tried! Everything is so nice and it is a clean environment. It is so cheerful and the community makes you feel at ease; it is so beautiful!” – E. Tinsley

“Over the past couple of days, I have felt rejuvenated and stronger. I want to be able to return home with this same feeling and being able to know more about my exercises so I can continue them at home. The nursing staff is just beautiful and they are doing very well taking care of me! Things have just been wonderful!” – Dorothy C.

“The staff was very good to me! The food was very good, as well. What I liked about it was the fact that I was able to have choices of my meals and the menu provided a lot of alternatives! The housekeepers do a great job at making sure the place is kept clean and everything was exceptional. I think I did very well in therapy. I see myself as an impatient person, and they taught me how to be more patient and really understand my exercises. The physical therapy was done very thoroughly and the staff was very helpful and willing to explain each exercise to me and the purpose of it. Overall, the nursing staff and rehabilitation team were excellent!” – E. M.

“Everyone I am working with is very thorough. They make sure I comfortable and that I can do it! All my therapists are very good. There is no stress and they all look out for my safety. Everyone tries to make sure I am being safe, and if I’m not, they explain to me why it is unsafe. I am very glad that I am here. This place is very neat and clean! I am very comfortable here!” – Edward C.

“I love coming into work every day and to know I am making a difference in the lives of our patients; they are making a big difference in mine, too!” – Miranda W.

“The building looks gorgeous! I feel like I am staying in a first class hotel; it is just so beautiful, you do not see this in Brooklyn – It is really like a resort! The nurses and staff have been great, they are so wonderful and they are very nice people! As far as my therapy, it is going very good! The people are very nice and very pleasant! When I first came in, I couldn’t even walk and now I am able to use a walker! The therapists are very polite and very accommodating. They showed me a lot of things and everything has been great!” – R. Catarina

“Really, all I was thinking about was getting better, but (I see) the staff are affectionate, and really care about me, and that helps a lot. They make me feel like I matter! They have been doing great! I give them an A+! They seem to really care and that matters to me because that’s what will help me get better, knowing people care about me.” – Ella M.

“Everybody in therapy is so kind, considerate, and professional. I am so impressed with everyone! Everyone has been exceptional and overall my experience is excellent and I am very satisfied!” – Joseph S.

“I love working in my capacity as Director of Social Services. I feel a sense of pride in the work I do because of the high expectation of excellence that Cortlandt Healthcare has and my ability to preform within that expectation. I love the autonomy that my position affords, such as problem solving and reaching within myself for solutions to assist others. I enjoy being helpful and working with my professional colleagues.” – R. Gazzola

“I really did appreciate the care that I received here; everyone was nice and polite. Thank you to everyone for your kindness!” – T. Tinsley

“Overall, the experience was wonderful! The whole staff as well as the aides are really great and could not be nicer. I had such a lovely experience, and my physical therapy was fantastic; they are the best!” – S. Cotter

“The physical therapy staff are amazing! They are very helpful and they are always there to assist. I love how patient and understanding they are. If I don’t feel ready to do something or need more time, they allow me that.” – Kate A.

“Millie, the nurse aide, is an outstanding person! She is willing to help any patient or anyone when they need help! She helped me with everything today, and she is simply just amazing.” -M. Schnittert

“The nursing staff and aids are absolutely fabulous. They anticipate my needs before I even know! The staff is very respectful and helpful. Overall, my experience was very good!” – M. Garufi

“Everybody is nice to me here. Nurses and therapists are good. I enjoyed the holidays here. The food here is very good.” – V. Mocerino

“The food is very good here. The therapists and nurses are very nice to me.” – M.Lively

“My roommate is very pleasant. The therapists and aids are very kind to me. The food here is excellent.” – S. Davoli

“Everything is wonderful here.” – P.Sarno

“This is not my first time here and I am always happy to come back. The nurses and therapists are nice to me.” – T. See

“Everything is great over here. The food is amazing. The nurses and therapists are very good.”
– F. DiMaggio

“My room is very good, it has a nice view. The therapists and nurses are kind. The food is good also.”
– T. Gladwell

“I am going to miss my roommate after she leaves, we got along so well. Therapy is getting me much stronger.” – G. Vasta

“The nurses are the best of the best. Therapy is also good.” – F. Tirella

“The food here is outstanding. Everyone here is so nice to me.” – I. Robinson

“The nurses are treating me nicely here. Therapy and the food are very good.” – W. VanSlyck

“Everyone is very good to me. Nurses and therapy are very good.” – M. DeLanoy

“The therapy here is amazing. The nurses are very nice to me. I have a wonderful roommate.” – F. Desimone

“Everyone here is very good to me. Therapy and nurses are good. The food is very good also.”
– V. Conigliaro

“The food here at Cortlandt is amazing. The nurses are very good to me.” – G. Regan

“PT and OT are great people. I am getting much stronger here.” – D. Pinkston

“Everyone is treating me so nicely here. Breakfast was very good. Therapy is very nice to me.”
– D. Pisanello

“This place is the best place I have ever been to. The food is amazing here. Therapy and Nurses are doing a great job.” – F. DiMaggio

“This is my second time here and everything is so good. Nurses and therapists treat me so well.”
– C. Zanfardino

“The nurses are very good. Therapy is wonderful.” – R.Parra

“This place is phenomenal. The nurses and therapists treat me so much nicer than any place I went before. Everything is done so professional here.” – T.Russo

“Everything is good here. Nurses treat me nicely.” – M. Boscia

“Physical therapy has me walking and [I] to go up and down stairs. The meals are good.” – L. Oscarson

“The nurses are doing an amazing job here. Therapy is going well.” – F. Sieker

“Everything is good here. The nurses are good. Therapy is very good.” – D. Teets

“The nurses are good to me. Therapy is doing a great job.” – A. Loscri

“Everybody is good to me here. The nurses and therapy are very good. I have a very nice roommate.”
– K. Anderson

“The nurses are good. Therapy is going great. I am happy here.” – M. Boscia

“Therapy is very good. The nurses are nice to me. The food is very good. I enjoy the activities.” – J. Habib

“I love the nurses that take care of me on my floor. The therapy is wonderful. The food is very good.” – P. Walsh

“I like therapy. Nurses are treating me nicely. Everyone is very friendly at Cortlandt and I am happy to be here.” J. Martin

“Therapy and the nurses are excellent. The labor day barbecue, I had my family come join me and it was amazing. The activities are great. I am having a good time.” – C. Zanfardino

“The moment I got here, everyone at Cortlandt was so fine and marvelous. The nurses and aides are great. I like the therapists that I work with.”- B. Medon

“I went to the Labor day [event] and it was really nice. I enjoyed the weather while also meeting new lovely people. The nurses and therapists are wonderful.” – B. Mitchell

“Everyone is very nice at Corlandt. They were all so welcoming. Aides and nurses are great. Fawn and Donte are wonderful.” – M. Kaplan

“I am very happy at Cortlandt. I like the care I am receiving. Everybody at Cortlandt treats me with much respect.” – J. Martin

“Therapy is good to me at Cortlandt. I like the food here. I go everyday to the activities. The nurses and aides take care of me.” – S. Rizzo

“The food is very good here. Therapy is doing a great job, they are making me work hard. Everyone is treating me nicely here.” – C. Renaud

“I was greeted with a very warm and caring staff. The staff is great at Cortlandt, they come in a very timely fashion. It’s my first time doing rehab and they are treating me so well here. I feel like and I know that I have recovered much faster by coming to Cortlandt. I made friends with people here, they are all so nice. When the right time comes to leave I feel very comfortable going home.”
– H. Rae

“My health improved in Cortlandt. I enjoyed therapy, they helped me a lot. The nurses and aids are good.” – W. See

“The nurses and aids are nice. I like the activities. Therapy is very good, it’s much better than where I was before.” – M. Warren

“Therapy is good. Overall I am very happy here. I like it here at Cortlandt.” – J. Thompson

“Everybody was pleasant. They answer their call bells right away when you ring it. Nurses and Therapists are wonderful; if not for them I wouldn’t be walking now.” – H. Mackay

“The people that work here such as the Physical therapists, aides, nurses and food services are so caring. The therapists are great. The physician services are wonderful.” – H. Rosenthal

“Everyone is here is very good. I accomplished so many things that I couldn’t do before I got here.”
– J. Wancho

“Everything is good here. They helped me out a lot. I loved therapy services.” – C. Saullo

“Everyone here is very tentative. They try hard to please everyone. Therapists and Nurses do their job with compassion.” – V. Mocerino

“The therapists are very good. Nurses here are great.” – J. Murphy

“Everyone treats me well. Nurse’s aids are great. Therapy is finally getting me to walk.”
– M. Berlingeri

“Nurses are good here. Therapy is good and I am making a big improvement.”
– G. Pavelka

“You have people that do an amazing job and make me feel so comfortable. The food and Therapy is good.” – S. Davoli

“Therapy is good. The people here are very helpful, patient and do it with compassion.”
– V. Mocerino

“This is my third time here and everyone is doing a good job. The therapists are very good.”
– R. Myers

“The nurses are so helpful by responding right away. The activities are really good. Therapy is the best, the attitude is always so positive. I am 100% better than the 1st day I walked in.”
– W. Watson

“My roommate is great; she is a comedian, she always makes me laugh and helps me when I need something. My hand was swollen and the therapists helped me and its all better. Everyone here is doing a great job.” – M. Warren

“Nurses are very nice. Activities are going great. I enjoy the peacefulness at Cortlandt. The ice cream socials are very good.” – J. Mundell

“Staff here is magnificent. Nurses are great. Therapy is very good it is much better than what I expected.” – J. Murphy

“Everyone is very polite and always on time. Nurses are very good and tentative and always checking in, when I press the call button they come right away.” – R. Petrucelli

“Nurses and staff are phenomenal. They help deal with all of my wounds, they are really helpful. They also come right away.” – R. Foster

“Everybody is fantastic. The staff is very good. Therapy is good.” – A. Grazia

“…it’s been amazing. I love the therapy, especially Shawn. The aids are so helpful, you never have to wait.” – B. Carbonara

“Cortlandt is amazing. Nice and quiet single room. Nurses and Therapy were good. Cortlandt is doing the right thing.” – A. Greason

“I am really happy I picked this rehabilitation. This is by far the best place ever.”
– C. Deagan

“Everybody was great; couldn’t ask for a better staff, and therapy was great.”
– R. Knapp

“Therapy was great, nurses were excellent, and everything was perfect.”
– T. See

“I like it [here]; nice, clean, and friendly.”
– S. Peterson

“The nurses here are all good; it’s beautiful.”
– A. Oteiza

“ I was here before, I love the way they treat me. They are gentle, but good, that’s I why I came back. I recommend it to everybody.”
– L. Choma

“The people who work here are the finest.”
– A. Mckenna

“I say a prayer every night for rehab as a thank you.”
– S. Jacobsen

“ From what I see, I recommend this place to anyone with a medical problem. They are patient and active.”
– J. Visoky

“The food is outstanding, the people are great; I guess I can’t really complain!”
– J. Bristol

“The people in rehab are good, friendly and very helpful.”
– M. Blumberg

“This is great. I am telling you, I have never seen a place like this, good service- everything is fine.”
– A. Oteiza

“In Cortlandt, there is always something to do.”
– V. Pombo

“Everyone is so nice and helpful.”
– M. Jezik

“Cortlandt Healthcare: they treat me really good.”
– P. Donahue

“Everyone is nice to me in rehab…we all get along great.”
– P. Visoky

“Therapy is very good, they treat me really nicely here, almost like a daughter.”
– E. Timmons

“The job is getting done the way it’s supposed to be getting done, you have a great staff here.”
– C. Treuter

“The food has been great, and the therapy has been excellent.”
– D. Matthew

“Everyone who cared for me went above and beyond.”
– D. Siano

“From the minute I walked in until the last minute when I am leaving they took great care of me.”
– L. Marantz

“Everyday I always get a smile from a staff member that helps me through the day”.
-L. Karabaic

“I began my stay at Cortlandt Healthcare on October 24, 2011. I was recovering from knee surgery and my doctor said that I’d like the facility. Soon after that I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Since I needed long-term care, I chose to stay at Cortlandt Healthcare. I have never regretted my decision. The therapists in the rehab department are dedicated to restoring their patients in body and spirit. I see the look of pride in both patient and therapist when someone who entered in a stretcher, walk out either unassisted or with a walking aid. The long-term care staff are just as dedicated to helping their resident live a life of care and dignity. In fact, most residents and staff have bonded like a family. So Happy Anniversary Cortlandt Healthcare. I’m probably not going to get flowers and candy, but I will get another day surrounded loving, caring friends.”
-V. Pombo

“Cortlandt Healthcare is a phenomenal facility. I highly recommend it to the entire Westchester if needed. The entire staff should be commended for their outstanding care”.
-G. Fox

“They do everything for me, they always have their hands open for me.”
-J. Macpherson

“ I would like to praise your Physical Thera
py department, they are amazing. When I first came I wasn’t able to walk and now I am walking.”
-C. Howard

“Residents love to play bingo; it brings everyone’s personality out. We love the recreation staff and all of the staff. They go above and beyond they are the best they were built for this.”
– R. Forcina

“I really enjoy Bingo. The nurses are really good and they take good care of me.”
-J. Lepore

“Karen is the ideal nurse! She recognizes when a patient is in distress and takes all measures to relieve pain, anxiety and distress. I am grateful to her!”
-C. Walla

“I was in CHC for two months, the staff here is amazing. I have nothing bad to say, the staff are always smiling, encouraging and helpful! I will definitely come and visit all my friends here. I really had a wonderful stay at Cortlandt healthcare.”
-L. Maffie

“My aid at Cortlandt Healthcare was a true blessing. She really made me feel comfortable and at ease.”
-M. Claire

“The activity department at Cortlandt Healthcare is the best! They helped me navigate my Samsung tablet and taught me how to use it. They give their all to make sure that we are always having a good time.”
-V. Pombo

“The dietary department at Cortlandt was my ray of sunshine. Mondays lunch was outstanding- the crusted salmon was delicious. The whole meal was the best. Thank you!”
-G. Goodman

“The house keeper at Cortlandt Healthcare was always bright and cheerful. She would always greet me with a smile, and my room was always spotless and clean. Thank you!”
– P. Botwin

“My Nurse was super friendly and definitely knows what he is doing, he doesn’t hesitate when I need something. Every time I see him he always puts a smile on my face.”
-M. Palmeri

“All the staff at CHC has been a ray of sunshine! I have been here at CHC for 33 days and everyone has been wonderful to me. Everyone has a bad day- but not one has taken it out on me!”
-I. Eby

“I am so happy that I placed my mom at Cortlandt Healthcare. They are really sensitive to all the needs of their residents including the small things.”
– Barry. A

“The concierge at Cortlandt Healthcare always went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied with every aspect of my care and stay here. My father came to visit me on his birthday; when I asked how I might purchase cake, he devised a very creative and gracious solution which was greatly appreciated.”
– Deena M

“My occupational therapist was always pleasant and very helpful with suggestions of what I should continue to do at home to keep me in proper form. She was terrific, thank you so much.”
– Lorraine M.

“Every month Cortlandt Healthcare has a birthday party for residents born in that month. The main dining room is decorated with brightly colored posters sending out birthday wishes. Usually the musician we have playing for us starts off with a sing-along. There’s a brief pause during which the birthday people are announced. Then it’s back to music birthday cards and cake! As the party continues the music gets livelier and more people dance. I don’t like to brag but we have some great dancers among our residents. One of my friends from my old job complained to me that at forty her dancing days would soon be behind her. I invited her to be my guest at the next Cortland Healthcare birthday party. When she meets my new friends she’ll have a better outlook on aging.”
– Virginia Pombo, President of Resident Council

“For nursing home residents, winter is three months spent inside because the weather outside is frightful. Thanks to the staff at Cortlandt Healthcare, we’re not bored. In addition to bingo, bowling and wheelchair yoga, we recently had two fantastic parties. On January 23rd, we had our Snow Ball, which is an ‘informal formal.’ Those residents that had fancy clothes had a chance to get dressed up. Activity leaders looked wonderful in their best outfits as they served us hot hors d’oeuvres and ginger ale in ‘champagne glasses.’ The Snow Ball always adds a touch of glamour. The Super Bowl party was super fun. The main lobby had football themed decorations. The kitchen staff did an outstanding job. We had three types of dip, chips, carrot and celery sticks, two types of chicken wings and two types of sandwiches. I sat between a Patriots fan and a Seahawks fan. When asked what team l was rooting for l truthfully said “The commercials and the half-time show.” We all had a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone. We appreciate your hard work.”
– Virginia Pombo

“Cortlandt Healthcare treats me like a king. The staff here bends over backwards to fulfill the every need of the residents!”
– T. Thomson

“My husband, Pasquale Scalfaro, was a patient at your facility from 8/29 to 11/24/14. We would like to express our appreciation to the third floor staff for all they did to aid in his recovery. Rather than filling out individual Sunshine Cards we would like to thank Joan, Laura, Peggy, Eric, Jenn, Millie, Eunice, Lavina, Joanna, Maria, Jellisa (and any other of the nursing staff that I may have left out). They were all caring and responsive to his needs. They also showed patience with his limited speech and were quick to smile and share a laugh with him. I can’t give enough praise to Maryann and Sean of the therapy staff. They were very professional in working with him but treating him like a family member. Both Sean and Maryann always took time to answer my many questions and keep me updated on his progress.

Moishe and Renata listened to my concerns and did their best to try to resolve issues that I raised, weather it was about paperwork, quality of food, staffing or fixing the leaking toilet in his room.

Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to all.”
-Geraldine S.

“Thank you to you and your dedicated staff at Cortlandt Healthcare. With the impending blizzard I am sure that you were faced with some tough decisions. Thank you everyone. I knew Ray was safe and that he would get the care he needed. I am so grateful and thankful to you all for the care he received. CORTLANDT IS TRULY SPECIAL. YOU CARE AND IT SHOWS.”
-M. Hunt