Case Study: Cortlandt Healthcare (October 2020)

Patient’s Age: 62-years-old
Admission Date: 09/16/20
Admitted From: Mount Sinai Hospital NYC
Discharge Date: TBD
Length of Stay: TBD
Reason for Stay: Intense back pain and fracture
How did this patient hear about Cortlandt Healthcare? He has stayed with us before.

Details of Experience:
Nicholas A. was at home when he had some lower back pain. Not thinking anything of it, the pain got worse each day. When realizing something was wrong, he went to the doctor, who ordered an MRI and CT scan. He was then admitted to the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, as he was found to have an acute compression fracture and spinal stenosis. Mr. A. underwent a Kyphoplasty to treat the fracture in his vertebra and a Decompressive Laminectomy to treat the lumbar spinal stenosis. This also relieves pressure on the spinal roots.

After his surgeries, Mr. A. found out he needed to go to rehab to regain his strength and balance. He knew he wanted to come to Cortlandt Healthcare because he has been with us in the past. He was admitted to Cortlandt on September 16th, 2020 for Occupational and Physical Therapy and was greeted by our Nursing and Concierge Team. He was evaluated by Therapy the next day to begin his rehabilitation journey.

While being evaluated by our therapy team, they developed short term and long term goals for Nicholas. Some of these include, safely performing bed mobility tasks, performing functional transfers, safely going up and down four stairs using handrails, completing hygiene and grooming tasks, increasing sitting and standing balance to reduce the risk of falls and performing functional mobility during activities of daily living. His personal goal was, “I want to get stronger so I can go home.”

Nicholas was able to achieve his goals by using different treatment approaches during therapy, including: therapeutic exercises and activities, neuromuscular reeducation, self care management, wheelchair management, gait training therapy and manual therapy techniques. He also mentioned that he loved working with his therapists, Sean and Mercedes. The patient stated, “They helped him so much and guided him through everything.”

Mr. A. is now independent in all the areas he needed assistance with and he is readying to return home to his family and excited to be able to do the things he was able to do before. He thanks Cortlandt Healthcare for helping him along his journey.