Case Study: Cortlandt Healthcare (March 2018)

Patients Age: 76
Admission Date: 2/16/18
Admitted From: Hudson Valley Hospital Center
Discharge Date: 4/6/18
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 45 days
Reason for Stay: History of falling and muscle weakness
How did this patient hear about Cortlandt Healthcare? Family

Details of Experience:

R. Catarina came to Cortlandt Healthcare on a cold February morning. What brought her in was the fact that she had tripped and fell over a door mat while trying to enter her home. She presented with some pain in the right side and some weakness and pain in her knees and legs. R. Catarina came to Cortlandt in good spirits and ready to concur her rehabilitation journey.

During the initial evaluation of R. Catarina’s rehabilitation process, she would be required to exercise six times a week for a minimum of four weeks and would be seen daily to make sure she is improving and meeting the goals. R. Catarina and the rehabilitation team, made realistic goals to make sure she had a successful transfer back to her independence living at home! Some of those goals would be to get in and out of bed independently, transfer with a rolling walker, and perform proper hygiene tasks independently. Other goals were made such as gaining muscle in her legs and knees, and improving her overall mobility to enhance her quality of life.

R. Catarina made tremendous improvements throughout her stay and throughout her journey. One of the first goals R. Catarina accomplished was being able to ambulate on a level surface of 40 feet, and then 250 feet with a rolling walker. The baseline for R. Catarina was zero feet, then she improved to 30 feet on March 9th, then improved more on March 16th being able to ambulate 50 feet, and finally being able to complete her goal on March 22nd by ambulating 250 feet with a rolling walker!

The next task for R. Catarina to complete would be to safely perform getting out of bed using the side rails as assistance. At the initial evaluation, R. Catarina needed one person to assist her getting out of bed and getting into position to get up. After a few weeks, R. Catarina was able to perform this task alone, using the side rails on March 16th!

Throughout R. Catarina’s journey, she completed evaluations based on her satisfaction and she had this to say on her first day at Cortlandt, “The building looks gorgeous! I feel like I am staying in a first class hotel! It is just so beautiful; you do not see this in Brooklyn! It’s like a resort!”

As R. Catarina’s journey continued she shared, “The nurses and staff have been great, they are so wonderful and they are very nice people! As far as my therapy, it is going very good! The people are very nice and very pleasant! When I first came in I couldn’t even walk, and now I am able to use a walker! The therapist are very polite and very accommodating. They showed me a lot of things and everything has been great!”

We here at Cortlandt live for any journey a patient may be on.