Case Study: Cortlandt Healthcare (March 2017)

Patients Age: 68
Admission Date: 2/24/2017
Admitted From: Acute care hospital
Discharge Date: 3/09/2017
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 2 weeks
Reason for Stay: Right hip Replacement
How did this patient hear about Cortlandt Healthcare? Hospital referral

Details of Experience:

Mr. T was admitted to Cortlandt Healthcare on 2/24/17 after being hospitalized for a right hip replacement.

Upon admission, Mr. T was evaluated by physical and occupational therapy to begin his personalized plan of care. Mr. T presented with a decrease in strength, reduced balance, decreased ability to ambulate safely, transfer to and from bed and required assistance with dressing and bathing. Mr. T received physical and occupational therapy 7x week to address all of his deficits and return him to his prior level of functioning in preparation for a safe discharge home.

Mr. T also received post-surgical skilled nursing care (vitals, pain management, and wound care for the surgical site).

After 24 days of restorative rehab and skilled nursing care, Mr. T was discharged home at an independent level of functional mobility with the use of a rolling walker. He was able to manage his activities of daily living at home and continued his rehab on an outpatient basis.