Case Study: Cortlandt Healthcare (June 2020)

Patient’s Age: 73-years-old
Admission Date: 05/26/2017
Admitted From: Hudson Valley Hospital Center
Discharged Date: TBD
Discharged to: TBD
Length of Stay: TBD
Reason for Stay: Frequent falls at home
How did this patient hear about Cortlandt Healthcare? Through another rehab center

Details of Experience:
After moving in with his family to help watch his grandkids, Joe A. realized that after a while, his grandkids were watching over him rather than Joe watching over them. Joe has had quite a few falls that were happening too often. This was when his family realized he needed physical therapy to help him get his balance back.

Joe came to Cortlandt Healthcare three years ago for rehab due to his frequency in falling. He found out about Cortlandt Healthcare through another rehab community and thought he would give it a try. This has been his home ever since! He was greeted by our wonderful nursing staff and loved his room! He loved the atmosphere of the whole community.

At first, he was eager to get started and was excited to get better with our amazing therapy team. He started working with Colleen, Ricky, and Lisa after his evaluation. Joe needed help getting out of bed and with other daily tasks like getting dressed and going to the bathroom. Our therapy team helped him with this and helped him to become more independent.

When Joe was still working, he became a chef after attending the Culinary Institute. He worked in hotels and was in the Air National Guard. Joe loved to cook and his favorite thing to cook was any type of Italian food. He also made ice carvings in his spare time. He would say, “Cooking is an art; it comes out like a picture.” After retirement, he loved to cook for his family, it was his favorite hobby.

Joe had other hobbies, while he was still at home. He enjoyed going outside, being around people, and going to the casino on the weekends! Now that he is at Cortlandt, he still enjoys going outside and being around people, but he also likes to play bingo, participate in Urban Zen, listen to live music, watch live dancing, and he enjoys Zumba as well!

Now that Joe has gotten stronger and can be more independent, it is easier for him to live his life to the fullest! He can now get dressed and move around without a lot of assistance and can walk with a walker up to 125 feet! He also gets to enjoy the company of the other residents and our wonderful staff. Joe mentioned that he enjoys our nursing staff and aides, who are super helpful to him. One piece of advice he gave was, “Enjoy what you do.” This was something that everyone can apply to their own life!