Case Study: Cortlandt Healthcare (Q4 2022)

Concierge Director: Dominic Marello
Patients Age: 59
Admission Date: 10/5/21
Admitted From: Hudson Valley Hospital
Discharge Date: 10/4/22
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation
How Did The Patient Here About Cortlandt Healthcare? Referred by Hospital

Details of Experience:

Edmond was admitted to Hudson Valley Hospital after officially being diagnosed with a stage 4 pressure ulcer of the sacral region. The definition of a pressure ulcer is damage to an area of the skin caused by constant pressure for a long period of time, which can result to causing an open wound. Edmond was evaluated by Hudson Valley Hospital very thoroughly and recommended physical and occupational therapy to regain his prior level of function. Edmond was recommended to Cortlandt Healthcare for recovery due to our outstanding rehabilitation program. Edmond’s main goal was to be able to get stronger and to walk again.

Upon arrival, Edmond was greeted by the Concierge, Nursing, and Rehab Team, who ensured he was supplied with everything he needed to start his journey here at Cortlandt Healthcare, which included proper food/dietary options, making sure he received and was brought to recreational activities when wanting to attend, and making sure he was receiving medications on time. Edmond was assessed by our Rehabilitation team and received short and long-term goals to monitor his progression during her rehab process. Physical Therapy goals included pivot transfers, ambulating on level surfaces, ascend and descend stairs, and bed mobility tasks. Occupational Therapy’s short-term and long-term goals include standing balance, toileting tasks, and practicing LB dressings.

Starting with Physical Therapy, Edmond progressed to total independence with pivot transfer from maximum assist supervision to no assist. He was able to ambulate on level surfaces starting at 0 feet and ending at 50 feet with max assist. Edmond was able to ascend and descend from 0 to 5 stairs using a handrail. Edmond also progressed from maximum to independent on all bed mobility tasks and was able to perform car transfers from 0 to contact guard assist. Working hard with Occupational Therapy, Edmond went from being unable to stand to fair with minimum assist. Edmond went from minimum assist to total dependence on toileting tasks and maximum to minimum on Lb dressings due to weakness on the right side. Edmond made consistent efforts to achieve all long-term and short-term goals during his stay at Cortlandt Healthcare.

Edmond was discharged to his home on October 4, 2022, after 355 days of rehabilitation. It was a long road to recovery, but Edmond was determined and strived to get back to his normal self. He had a wonderful experience throughout his stay, making friends with both staff and other residents. He enjoyed all events and activities held at Cortlandt and was a pleasant role model for others while in recovery. Edmond was able to walk out of Cortlandt Healthcare with his head held high, and he will be missed. 

The Cortlandt team wishes Marjorie the best and continued success on her journey!