Case Study: Cortlandt Healthcare (July 2016)

Patients Age: 56
Admission Date: 5/31/2016
Admitted From: Acute care hospital
Discharge Date: 7/22/2016
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 7 weeks
Reason for Stay: Pulmonary embolism
How did this patient hear about Cortlandt Healthcare?

Details of Experience:

Mrs. C was admitted to Cortlandt Healthcare after being hospitalized for a pulmonary embolism. Upon admission and assessment by our interdisciplinary team, Mrs. C presented with a decrease in overall strength, even swallowing, functional mobility, and endurance and requires increase need for assistance from others with activities of daily living.
Mrs. C was placed on PT, OT and speech therapy. After receiving four weeks of skilled speech therapy and 7 weeks of skilled physical therapy and occupational therapy, Mrs. C will be discharged home at an independent level of functional mobility and assistance of a straight cane.

In addition to receiving skilled therapy services Mrs. C participated in Cortlandt Healthcare’s pulmonary program. Mrs. C received continued education from our interdisciplinary team regarding her pulmonary status as well specialized answers from our in house pulmonary therapists. Mrs. C also worked continuously with our exercise psychologist and Physical therapists to reduce her need for oxygen. Mrs. C was slowly weaned off the oxygen with careful monitoring during exercise performances of functional tasks. We are happy to say she will be discharged with no oxygen. With Mrs. C’s hard work and her dedication of our interdisciplinary team to Mrs. C’s plan of care, she has been a true success story.