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Valentine’s Day at Cortlandt

Valentine’s Day was in full swing at Cortlandt Healthcare! There were delicious donuts and treats served up by our team members. Our community residents enjoyed the sweet treats and festivities throughout the day!

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Hanukkah Celebration at Cortlandt

Cortlandt Healthcare recently celebrated the beginning of Hanukkah with Rabbi Cohen. Chris, the food service director, cooked up delicious latkes (with apple sauce and sour cream), blintzes, challah bread, and mini strudels with grape juice. Everyone had a wonderful evening!

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The Red Hat Society Social

The Red Hat Society (RHS)  is an international social organization originally founded in 1998. Today, there are over 20,000 chapters in the United States. Cortlandt Healthcare was excited to host a Red Hat Society Social on November 15th from 2:30-3:30pm. Residents decorated their … Continue reading

Cooking Class Graduation

Cortlandt Healthcare was proud to host their cooking class 101 graduation ceremony! Graduation took place Nov. 10, 2016 at 2:30pm. The class instructor was Chris Kane, and assistants were Nancy Lynn and Luz Corona (Recreation Leaders). Congratulations to our graduates!

Cooking Class at Cortlandt Healthcare

Cortlandt recently hosted a community cooking class with Director of Food Services, Chris Kane. Everyone had a great time cooking together, making their own personal lasagnas! Join us for our next class!  

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Oktoberfest at Cortlandt Healthcare

Cortlandt Healthcare was excited to host their community Oktoberfest on Thursday, October 13th. There was delicious themed food (including a cheesy pretzel loaf with honey mustard dip as an appetizer, Jagerschnitzel (breaded pork chops) with a mushroom beef gravy and/or Bavarian Goulash (German … Continue reading

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Yoga with Sarah!

Join us twice a month (Mondays, from 2:30-3:30pm) for our community yoga class, hosted by Sarah! The residents of Cortlandt Healthcare love this interactive, calming and fun exercise program. For more information, please call 914.739.9150.